School Personnel


 Principal-Polly Devane       

Teaching staff- 

Alison Collier-   Junior Room (years 1 -2)

Glenys Ellett and Rosalie Irwin-    Middle Room (years 3 -5)

Amanda McAree and Polly Devane- Senior Room (years 6 -8)

Teacher Aides – Gillian Tallott and Jodi Smith

Reading Recovery Teacher-Lesley Pick

Administration – Gillian Tallott

Cleaner – Manju Campbell
Caretaker – Phillip Thomson

We are very fortunate to have Polly as our principal. Polly brings experience and enthusiasm to the position. She has developed a great relationship with the community; the children and families respect her professionalism, honesty and her ability to multi-level teach.

Alison is a passionate and very experienced teacher.  She has vast curriculum knowledge and sets high standards for herself and her students. She is an extremely dedicated teacher with a kind and caring nature.  Alison will always go above and beyond to help her students.

Glenys is a teacher with many years experience. She enjoys teaching all levels across the curriculum, and is a very popular and respected teacher in the community.

Rosalie works alongside Glenys, one day a week in the middle room. She is enthusiastic and energetic.

Gillian is our office administrator who also works with the children as a Teacher Aide. She is the friendly face of our school and can help with any inquiry you may have. 

Jodi is our Teacher Aide who works between he middle and senior rooms. She has an excellent manner with the children and is a very helpful staff member. 

Manju and Phillip take their jobs very seriously and consistently clean and maintain both the inside and outside of the school to a high standard.