Board of Trustees

Kirsty Parsons – Chairperson
Alan Hawken
Maria Ferris

Jodi Hawken

Polly Devane – Principal
Alison Collier – Staff Representative

Board of Trustees Meetings
The Board of Trustees meets monthly. Parents, Caregivers and members of the public are welcome to attend. Board Minutes are available in the school foyer.
A summary of the ERO report is available in the form of a Community Page.

Below are some quotes of our most recent report:

“Progress of students with specific learning needs is closely tracked and monitored using carefully, considered assessment tasks. Appropriate programmes are in place to meet students’ needs and these are collaboratively actioned by staff and families.”

“Most students achieve at and above expectations in relation to National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics. Some achieve well above their age level expectations.”

“All children have an individual learning plan with goals that are regularly discussed with the student, family and teacher. There is celebration when goals are achieved. In 2017, goal setting has been strengthened through better understanding of school values by students.”

“Goals are age-appropriate and progress is measured against the values of DRIVE, Determination, Respect, Initiative, Virtue, and Empathy.”

“Partnerships that promote learning are highly valued and supported. Families are well informed about student progress and achievement during the year through a range of communication systems.”

“Attention to health and safety and student wellbeing is key to ongoing success for all children. Students learn in a positive, well-resourced environment that is conducive to learning and wellbeing.”

National Administration Guidelines

( NAG’s)

NAG 1 Curriculum Delivery 06.doc

NAG 2 Documentation and self review 06.doc

NAG 3 Personnel 06.doc

NAG 4 Finance and property 06.doc

NAG-5 Health and safety 06.doc

NAG 6 Administration google doc




Waitotara School Financial Statements 2017

Waitotara School Financial Statements 2018

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School Charter 2020